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What Does Blood Glucose Have To Do With Diabetes?

After every individual gets done eating, the normal levels of glucose in the blood begins to rise higher and this is because of the foods we consume that contain carbohydrates, which is the body’s main energy source. As soon as this occurs, the organ in our body that is called the pancreas automatically begins to produce and release the hormone known as insulin into our blood that begins to help the cells in our begin using the glucose. When this process does not occur normally as it should, over a period of time it can then begin damaging the nerves in your body, the blood vessels, the eyes and the kidneys. It is also what will cause an individual to suffer from the condition that is know as diabetes. If an individual has mentioned complaints or symptoms that may alert him to the signs of having diabetes, then he may require some specific blood tests be done to check the blood glucose levels in your body’s system and then the doctor will propose a treatment plan if he thinks it may be necessary. There are also other times when this type of testing is done, and that is to simply monitor existing treatment plans that are in place for a diabetic and to check an individual for gestational diabetes. Then for the individual who may have low glucose levels in the system or hypoglycemia, there are specific tests that will measure the C-peptide in your system along with glucose levels.


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