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What Blood Sugar Goals Should I Aim For?

As the levels that you should try to target can range from person to person and they are figured according to each individual, it is important to speak with your family health care physician on what the specific goals that you need to try to stay within.

Generally when a person is fasting or has not eaten all night (approximately 8 hours) and they are testing their glucose levels right after they wake up the target numbers that you will want to be at are between 80 and 130 mg/dl. If you are testing your sugar levels right before lunch or right before dinner then you should also try to aim for numbers that are between 80 and 130 mg/dl. If you plan to test your blood a few hours after you have eaten your last meal, then a sufficient number would be one that is below 160 mg/dl. When you test the glucose levels of your blood just before you are planning to go to bed for the night, then the numbers you will want to try to aim for will be between 110 and 140 mg/dl.
There are several things that might change the target numbers that you will want to aim for and this would be in someone who is of an elderly age range, in women who are expecting, individuals that have problems in detecting a blood sugar that is low, children who are young, and individuals who might have some type of serious health problem.


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