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Are People Born with Diabetes?

This is a good question that has been asked since almost the beginning of time. When there is a family history of this well-known condition or if the mother that plans to have a baby has diabetes, then it can certainly be passed down to the unborn infant who will then be born with it. In fact, there are numerous babies every single year that are born with the condition of having diabetes. This is not the only way to get it however, as there are numerous juveniles who contract the condition because of a sickness or infection that they have contracted. Then there is also a large amount of individuals who are diagnosed with this condition simply because of the type of diet and variety of food items that they consume on a daily basis. This is one reason why it is extremely important to always add into your diet food products that contain a variety of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be able to perform a wide range of necessary and important functions. Without having the adequate amounts that are needed for these functions, your body’s system will be unable to perform as it normally would with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. There are also many elderly individuals who obtain this condition because as they grow older their body’s system is unable to absorb the much-needed substances such as insulin, vitamins and minerals your body needs to be able to work properly.


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