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Is It Safe For Children To Give Their Own Injections?

There are thousands of infants, very young children and teenagers all around the world who continuously rely on the routine administered injections of the hormone called insulin to help their body be able to keep the blood sugar levels at a more normal and balanced level. Of course in the children that are in the very young age levels it is very important to have one of their parents, a close family member or even a friend that is close to the family to administer these much needed and very important shots for them. As your child begins to grow however and they become more mature and responsible it is considered quite safe for the child to then be able to administer the injections to his or her own body. This is a decision that will greatly need to be determined by their specific level of responsibility and maturity however. There is a great amount of responsibility that goes into administering this type or any type of injection and you will need to be able to trust that they are able to handle this very important responsibility. There are a wide variety of health care professionals that specialize and are trained to educate children on the importance of giving these injections, why they need them, and on specific instruction on how they will best be able to administer their own shots. Many children are able to pick up on this important task a lot easier than you may first think.


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