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Can I Get Diabetes Simply By Consuming A Lot Of Sugar In My Diet?

There are a large number of individuals and even some who work in the medical field who have always believed that an individual can develop the condition known as diabetes simply by eating too many sugary foods or drinking too many drinks that contain large amounts of sugar such as soda. However, the American Diabetes Association along with the scientific community happens to disagree with this thought. Instead, they believe that sugar itself is not the harmful culprit that is responsible for causing diabetes. Instead the problem arises in the individual who is overweight and in the individuals who do not get an adequate amount of physical activity and exercise. Harvard researchers however found that in the individual who drinks no less than one soda per day compared to individuals who used other types of sweetened drinks and no more than one soda per month, doubled their risk in developing the condition of diabetes. So, what is the answer to this frequently asked question? Yes, as well as no. Studies show that in women who slowly increased their intake of sodas compared to those who did not drink any at all gained a much larger amount of weight. Many of these women ended up putting on as much as 10 pounds in a matter of 4 years. Although the sugary sodas that these women were consuming seem to be the culprit that causes the increased risk in diabetes, the actual problem really comes from the weight that has been gained.


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