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How Is Insulin Dosed?

There are a variety of different factors that your family health care physician will need to use in being able to determine a sufficient dosage of insulin that will work the best for your body’s system. As well all know each person is very different, so will be the insulin dosages that each individual needs to take. Also, a specific amount of insulin that may work just fine for you on one day, may not work well at all for you on the next. Checking your blood sugar levels will be an important task that you will need to do on a regular basis to help in the determination of how much insulin your body will need. Another very helpful task that you can easily perform is in counting the total number of carbohydrates that are in every single meal that you consume. This will help a great deal in the decision on the right amount of insulin your body needs to counteract the affects of the foods you consume. One factor that your doctor will consider in making the decision on how much insulin you should take is if you have any other type of medical condition that can affect the dosage your system requires. Any type of medications that you may take on a regular basis can also affect the amounts you need, such as any type of over the counter medicines, as well as any type of prescription medications that you may take on a regular basis.


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