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.Do Finger Pricks Need To Be Done?

If you happen to be an individual who has the condition that is known as diabetes then you are probably very much aware of the bothersome and painful finger pricking that has to be done on a regular and continuous basis. This of course is a very important part of the proper treatment for diabetes, as it is a way to regularly check the blood glucose levels that are in your body’s system. Continuous advancements that are constantly being made in this painful form of glucose testing however are beginning to show a tremendous amount of hope for individuals who have to do these type of tests on a regular basis. There have already been a large number of individuals who have made the exciting switch to a new type of sensor that has become available that can accurately keep track of blood glucose levels 24 hours a day. After officials on the federal level approved this new stride in technology for children’s use, there have been even more who have made this exciting switch. Children are able to wear these sensors for as long as three days and there is a model that can last for up to 7 days in adults who wear these sensors. If you are a person who has had to undergo an unknown number of painful finger pricks, then you will more than likely agree that this is a tremendous breakthrough that will benefit an endless amount of individuals who suffer from having diabetes.



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