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What Is The Gauge And CC For Insulin?

If you are an individual who has been diagnosed with diabetes, you are certainly not alone. There are a large number of adults as well as children who are diagnosed with this well known condition every year. One of the first questions that numerous individuals will ask when they are first diagnosed is a question regarding the specific gauge in the needles that are most commonly used as well as questions concerning the CC dosage amount.

The syringes that an individual will need to use for administering an insulin injection commonly come in three different sizes. These sizes are 1/3 CC, ½ CC, and 1 CC. Many individuals find the ½ CC to be the easiest syringe for them to use and this could be due in part because this particular choice in a syringe is conveniently marked with a marking that is placed at every single unit and it has the ability to hold as much as 50 units of insulin.
When you are considering the specific needle gauges, you might want to keep in mind that the higher the number is will mean a thinner needle. As far as the length of the needle is concerned, it is best that you check with your health care provider so that they can recommend the length that will work the best for your individual needs. Needles can be found in lengths that range from 5mm to 12.7mm and the gauges that can be found are from 28 to 31 gauge.


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