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What Is Gestational Diabetes

This is a condition that a large number of pregnant women acquire while they are pregnant and expecting the birth of a baby. The Obstetrician of the patient generally finds this type of diabetes during the period of pregnancy between the 24th and the 28th week of the pregnancy. There is a variety of different factors that can lead to the risk of a woman developing gestational diabetes. These factors would include the woman being at an age that is over 25 years of age, if she has given birth to a baby from a previous pregnancy that weighed in excess of 9 pounds, if a previous child that was born had congenital malformation, if she has close family members who have the condition of diabetes, if she is overweight, if there has been problems with infections that are recurrent, or if an unexpected death occurred that was unexplained in a previous birth. In a large number of expecting women that acquire the condition of gestational diabetes, after the baby has been delivered the high blood glucose levels will generally return to levels that are considered normal. However there is a higher chance of the mother developing Type 2 diabetes if she has close family members that have diabetes and if she is also overweight. To be able to keep a close eye on someone who has these increased risks, it is a good idea to have annually testing done that includes blood glucose tests after she has been fasting.


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