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How often should the injection site be changed?

There are numerous individuals who suffer from having diabetes, and there are more people every day who are diagnosed with this well-known condition as well. Many of these people who suffer from this condition will also be required to take routine and daily injections of a prescription medication called insulin that can help tremendously in controlling the blood glucose levels that are in their body’s system. Some individuals will even have to take these injections every single time they eat or drink any food products. That can mean having to administer numerous shots each and every day. If a person was to give these shots in the very same spot on their body each time they needed an injection, this could end up causing several different problems. If you do not routinely change the injection site when you administer insulin, ending up with a very sore area is only one of the problems that you could possibly face. After a certain amount of time these areas can turn into lumps and begin to turn leathery in the way that they feel and this is a problem that will cause your system to be unable to absorb the insulin properly. If your body is not getting the required amount of insulin that it needs, this could ultimately end up in a very serious situation. Simply making sure that you switch areas every time you administer an injection will ensure that you do not end up with problems that could turn serious.


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