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Where Should Insulin Injections Be Given?

One of the most frequently asked questions from many of the individuals who have just been diagnosed in having the well known condition that is called diabetes, is when they ask what the specific areas may be on their body that it will be safe and ok for them to administer an insulin injections to. There are even some individuals that will ask the question of if it is ok to administer this type of shot directly into the veins. An insulin injection is the type of shot that should never be administered directly into the veins of an individual, as this particular type of shot is one that should only be administered to the intramuscular areas of the body. The specific areas that this would include would be on the tops and on the sides of each one of your thighs, on the forearms, on the outer sides of each of your upper arms and on the buttocks. One of the most popular areas that numerous individuals like administering these shots is in the abdomen area or the stomach. It is best to switch the area that you are injecting each time that you give yourself a shot. By not repeatedly using the very same area, it will help to stop any problems that can arise with any type of skin conditions that can become rather sore and eventually will become leathery and then the insulin that is being given will not be absorbed correctly into the body’s system.


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