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Do Injection Sites Need To Be Changed?

In both adults and children alike who have been diagnosed with having diabetes, which is a well known condition that a large number of individuals suffer from every single year and all around the world, there will often be a number of different questions that will arise at one point or another during the treatment that they are receiving. There are certain forms of diabetes that numerous people can suffer from where it will be very important for them to begin taking routine insulin injections on a daily basis. If your family health care physician has diagnosed you with having the condition of diabetes and you will also be required to administer routine injections of insulin, then your doctor has more than likely also recommended that you do not use the same spot on your body over and over when administering the insulin shots. The specific area that you have chosen to administer the shot to should be changed every single time. This will help to prevent any types of conditions that can begin to form on the skin. After repeated injections have been given over and over to the very same spot, the area can begin to feel very sensitive and then knots will begin to form. Another common problem that can occur is the area of injection will then begin to start feeling like a leathery texture. When this occurs the skin is then unable to properly absorb the insulin that is being injected into these specific areas.


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