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.Why Do People Roll The Insulin Bottle In Between Their Hands?

There are an endless amount of both adults and children alike who suffers from the well-known medical condition that is commonly known as diabetes. There is such a large number of people who have this condition that it is highly likely that you probably know someone who has diabetes. Almost every single person either has a close family member or even one of his or her many friends who suffers from this condition. If in fact you are an individual who knows someone that is close to you that has diabetes then it is also likely that at one point in time or another you have noticed that before they give themselves an injection, they will take the bottle of insulin and carefully roll it between the palms of their hands. Numerous people have seen this being done but they had absolutely no idea why this specific task was performed. This is a very important part that should be done in the necessary preparation of administering an insulin injection. In individuals who use insulin that is intermediate acting or those that are long-acting bottles of insulin, they will generally take the bottle between the palms of their hands and roll the bottle very gently. There are others who will simply take the bottle and turn it over end over end and what they are doing is making sure that the contents inside are being mixed properly. It is however very important to not ever take the bottles and shake them.


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