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What Can Happen If An Injection Of Insulin Is Given Into The Vein?

This is a question that has been asked numerous times among a large number of people who have the condition that is known as diabetes. A lot of people assume that since they are able to benefit from a regular administered injection of insulin in other parts of their body, that they should be able to benefit even more by a shot that is administered into the vein. Several people have wondered if the glucose levels in their blood rise way too high, then wouldn’t an injection into the vein give them the benefit of their glucose levels lowering at a much faster rate? Unfortunately it is not that simple and if an individual was to give themselves a shot of insulin directly into a vein it could very quickly cause some very serious health problems and in some situation it can even cause them to lose their life. There are several factors that are considered into regular injections and one of these factors is the speed in which the insulin will be absorbed into the body. If the body absorbs a full dosage of insulin at an extremely fast rate it can end up in a serious situation very quickly. The only time that an insulin injection should be given directly into the vein is when it is medically necessary under serious condition and when the individual is in the controlled environment of a hospital. Even given in this situations nurses are continuously monitoring the patient for danger signs.


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