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How Are Insulin Injections Given

If you have been diagnosed with the well-known condition that is called diabetes, then one of the first questions that you may be wondering about is where exactly are these types of injections given. This type of injection is to be administered into the fatty layer that is located just beneath the skin. This is simply because if it is put into the muscle, the insulin will be absorbed much too quickly into your blood stream. One of the best places to administer this type of injection for insulin would be in the stomach or the abdomen area, and this is simply because when it is given in this area the insulin is able to be absorbed into your body much faster. There are also several other areas located on the body that a large number of individuals administer this type of injection into. These areas would include, the buttocks, the outer side of the upper arms, into the hip area, as well as the sides and the front of both of your thighs. When you administer injections it is also very important to switch the site of injection each time. If you administer them in the same site it can begin to cause problems with areas that become swollen, lumps, as well as skin that will become thickened. If notice changes where you normally give yourself injections, you should not use this area any longer, as the insulin may not work properly because of being absorbed more slowly.



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