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.What Is An Insulin Pump?

There are numerous individuals who suffer from the condition known as diabetes every year who choose to use an insulin pump for delivering the adequate amount of insulin that their body needs for their system to work properly. Several people choose these pumps for a variety of different reasons. Some people are simply tired of having to continuously give themselves administered injections of this important hormone, and then there are others who would simply benefit a great deal more with a pump because of the specific lifestyle that they lead.
The pumps are small and could be compared to a cell phone. There is a syringe inside of the pump that contains rapid acting insulin. Tiny plastic tubing that is attached to the syringe and is inserted right beneath the skin, generally on an area of the abdomen. The pre-programmed pump is set to release pre-set amounts of insulin and you are also able to push a convenient button that will release extra amounts of insulin when you need it after you have eaten a meal. These handy machines are specially designed to work much in the way like the pancreas in the body would in delivering insulin to the body. Most often this is a system that is used in the individual who have Type 1 diabetes, but there are also several individuals that use it who have Type 2 diabetes. Before making the decision to use a pump you should first consult with your family health care physician.


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