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Is There A Certain Standard Size For Insulin Syringes?

If you have very recently been diagnosed from your family health care doctor as one of the many thousands of individuals who suffer from the condition that is commonly known as diabetes then you may very well be wondering what size of a syringe you will need to use, or if they simply come in one standard size. You will quickly find that the syringes that are used for administering insulin are available in a variety of different lengths as well as several different sizes that you are able choose from. The specific size that you will need to use will greatly be determined by information that can be obtained from your family doctor. A few of the important things that help a great deal in considering the size of syringe that you will need will be the desired strength of insulin that your doctor has put you on, as well as the required amount in dosage that you will be needing to take.
The needles on syringes that are used to give insulin shots can be found in several different gauges, which means the size of the needles. The barrels also come in various different sizes such as 3/10 CC, ½ CC and 1 CC. If you take time to always make sure that you use the correct size in a syringe for the required dosage that you will need to take, it will help a great deal in ensuring that you are getting the proper amount of insulin.


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