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What Are Insulin Syringes

If you have very recently found out from your family health care physician that you are one of the large number of individuals all around the world who suffer from the well-known condition that is commonly known as diabetes, then you very well could be wondering just what exactly is an insulin syringe. The syringes that are most often used to administer an insulin injection are featured with a hollow barrel that has a hypodermic needle attached to it. Most of these types of syringes are generally very small in their size and the needles that are attached to them are very sharp. The needle on this type of syringe can generally be found covered with a special helpful coating that can help a great deal in the amount of pain that is caused as the needle is entering into the person’s skin. The specific size of the needle that you will need to use will depend a great deal on the specific dosage and the insulin strength that your family physician has prescribed to be best suited for your individual needs. Insulin syringes are available in a wide variety of different sizes that will easily be able to accommodate the dosage that works best for your body's system. This type of medical equipment is a sterile device, it is a piston type syringe, and most of them are made for a one-time application. This type of equipment is considered as a subcutaneous injection that is used for administering insulin.


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