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Are There Different Types Of Insulin?

Just as there are a variety of many other helpful medications that are made available in several different types, this is also a fact that is true for the medication of insulin that a large number of individuals all around the world depend on every single day for being able to keep their blood sugar levels at a more balanced level. The rapid acting insulin that works very quickly is the type that is generally taken right before meals because of the short amount of time that it begins to work and the high peak that is obtained. Insulin that is short acting is also fast acting, but not nearly as quickly as the rapid acting choices of insulin. The onset the individual receives is slower and the peak that is delivered can come several hours later after having the injection administered. The long acting and the intermediate insulin is one that is known as basal insulin. With these types the individual benefits from a duration period that is generally very long and they will continuously be able to benefit from a slow delivery of the insulin. Another type that is called premixed insulin is generally a mixture of either the rapid acting or short acting insulin along with the intermediate acting insulin. If you suffer from the form of diabetes where your body is unable to produce adequate amounts of insulin then you will certainly benefit a great deal from receiving routine administered injections of this very helpful medication.



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