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What Is The Medication Lantus Solostar?
Lantus is an insulin liquid that is used for individuals who have to administer insulin injections on a routine and daily basis. For those outside of the United States it is referred to as Lantus Insulina. Generally when an individual takes this form of insulin it will need to be administered at approximately the very same time every day. This will help a great deal for the individual who needs to get a better hand on the glucose levels in their blood. There are very few side effects that you have to worry about getting with this medication and it works just as good as NPH and Premix. This medicine is released steadily without a peak for those who may have Type 2 diabetes. Individuals who have an allergy to any type of insulin should not take this medication. One side effect with Lantus is hypoglycemia.

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Common Spelling Mistakes For Lantus Insulin: Lantis, Lantus, Lentus, Lantis, Lantus Insulin



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