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What Can Happen If Insulin Is Not Taken?

If a person has been diagnosed with having a very well known condition that is most commonly known as diabetes from their family health care physician, the doctor may decide that a specific treatment plan may need to be put in place. There are a few different treatment plans that your physician may want to try and one of the treatment plans is a proper diet that includes all of the necessary food products that contain high levels of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be able to function properly in producing the correct levels of insulin. Another popular form of insulin comes in the pill form, and then there is the liquid form of insulin that will have to be routinely administered by taking routine injections. If you do not take the required doses on a regular basis as prescribed by your physician there is a variety of health conditions that can occur. This would include kidney disease, heart disease, blindness or eye damage, high blood pressure and a variety of other very serious problems. When you completely stop taking the injections a serious problem called DKA or diabetic ketoacidosis can occur. This is when your body has very small amounts of no insulin at all that it can use. As glucose in the blood continues to rise, it can then progress to hyperglycemia and then into ketosis. This type of problem is a very serious medical emergency that must be treated immediately or death can occur.



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