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Myths Concerning Diabetes

Just as with other health conditions and diseases, diabetes is also one that has been followed by numerous different myths that are simply untrue. A few of these myths are listed as follows:

  • Individuals with diabetes are more likely to catch colds and other sicknesses easier than others. False – Individuals who have diabetes are encouraged to receive the flu vaccination and this is simply because any type of infection can affect the levels of blood glucose in the body, which could put them at a higher risk for their sugar levels becoming too high.
  • You can catch diabetes from another person who has it. False – It is a condition however that a person can acquire when they have a close family history of others in their family that have diabetes, but it is not contagious like other infections can be.
  • Consuming large amounts of sugar can eventually cause diabetes. False – The sugar itself that an individual consumes is not the problem that causes diabetes. Being overweight however is one of the leading factors that contribute to a large number of individuals acquiring this well known condition.
  • Insulin can cause a hardening of the arteries that is known as atherosclerosis. False – There were some doctors that feared insulin could cause aggravation in the arteries becoming hard and problems with high blood pressure because there has been evidence that shows this hormone can cause some of the early signals of atherosclerosis. Insulin however does not cause these problems.


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