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Do they come in different Needle Sizes?

A question that is asked numerous times every year by individuals who have just been diagnosed with diabetes, will often ask if the syringes that are used for the insulin injections come in different sizes. The answer to this popular question is yes. Syringes can be found in a variety of different sizes. The size of barrel that you will need to use for administering your injections will greatly depend on the specific strength that your doctor has prescribed for you to take, along with the specific amount of insulin that you will be taking. Syringes that are used today can be found in sizes that sizes that are available in 30, 50, and 100 units, and they can easily be used with most all types of insulin choices. They are very convenient because if any mixing will need to be done with the specific type of insulin that you use, it can easily be achieved on the inside of the syringe. The needles that you will need to use come in various widths and various lengths as well. The width is commonly referred to as the gauge of the needle. Of course the needles that are short and thin are known to cause very little discomfort compared to the larger gauges. If the smaller size is the one you choose to use, you will want to make sure to check your glucose levels more often as this choice can affect the specific amounts of insulin that your body absorbs.


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