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What is the thickness of the needle barrel?

If you are an individual who is trying to figure out which size in the syringe barrel that you will need to use for the injections that you plan to administer, there are a few different sizes that you will be able to make your selections from. The syringe barrels that are commonly used for administered insulin injections come in three main choices in the sizes that are available. The 3/10 CC is a size that will be able to hold amounts that do not exceed 30 units of insulin. Then there are the ½ CC syringes and they are able to hold amounts that do not exceed 50 units of insulin. The 1 CC syringe is able to hold amounts that do not exceed 100 units of insulin. To be able to ensure that you will be receiving the most accurate dose that can be obtained, you will need to select the smallest size of insulin syringe that is capable of holding the largest dose in insulin that you have been prescribed to take. If you have just started taking routine insulin injections that have been prescribed by your family health care physician, it is not at all uncommon for an individual to become confused when they very first begin administering these shots. If you have any questions about the size barrel is best for your individual needs, your family physician or a nurse practitioner will be able to help with any type of advice that you may need.


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