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Are Insulin Syringes Available Over The Counter?

There are millions of elderly individuals, adults, teenagers, small children and even infants that are located in areas all around the world who are diagnosed from their family health care physician with having the well known condition called diabetes every single year. Among those that are diagnosed, there are many individuals that choose the treatment plan of receiving routine administered injections of the hormone called insulin that they will need to have administered on a daily basis. There are several different important items of medical equipment that a diabetic individual will need to have readily available to them for administering these needed injections. There are blood glucose testing kits and lancets that are able to help the individual keep a close watch on the glucose levels that are in the blood and can generally be found in a large number of pharmacies that are in almost any neighborhood. Syringes are also an important item of medical equipment that they will need and in some areas they are very easy to obtain right over the counter in a number of different pharmacies. However, this item that is regularly needed in the individual who may be suffering from diabetes is the type of medical equipment that in many areas will require that the individual obtain a written prescription from their family health care physician. This written prescription will be needed before they will be able to obtain the necessary syringes that they rely upon for giving daily-administered injections of the hormone insulin.


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