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.What is Pre-Diabetes?

There are not very many health conditions or harmful diseases that slow down enough to give an individual an alert sign that they are at risk for acquiring the condition if they do not change some of their lifestyle habits. However, diabetes is a specific well-known condition that does in fact sometimes give the individual a warning sign. If your family health care physician has informed you that you might have pre-diabetes, he is not telling you that you already have the condition. What it means is that the higher than normal levels of sugar that was found in your body’s system are giving you a second chance to enjoy better health. This would definitely be the time to change some of the bad habits that you may be taking part in. The lifestyles that some people lead is the very cause that a large number of individuals ever single year acquire this well known condition. If you have been given this signal that things need to change, then you need to take heed and begin eating the right foods and the right portions. If you are overweight then this is the time to get serious about losing excess weight. Making sure that you get plenty of exercise is another very important factor that can help considerably. There are numerous individuals who are able to prevent or at least slow down the progression of diabetes for a very long time simply by changing a few things in their daily routines.



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