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.Are There Any Warning Signs That I Might Have Diabetes?

There are some health conditions and diseases that do not give an individual much of a warning signal at all. Luckily however there are a few different conditions and diseases that do give the individual some warning signs that tells them there is something different going on with their body’s system. There are a variety of different symptoms and warning signs that you will want to take notice of that could mean you just might have developed the well known condition of diabetes. Some of these symptoms would include a numbing sensation or tingling that can be felt in the feet, an excessive amount of body weight, sores that seem to heal much slower than normal, an unusual amount of weight loss, feeling thirsty almost all the time, an increased level of fatigue, vision that is blurry, having to urinate often, and a few others. It is very important to take heed if you are experiencing some of these warning symptoms and signs and you should contact your family health care physician so that he can do the required testing to find out exactly what is going on. There are also a few factors that can raise the risk of obtaining diabetes in individuals. These factors would include the individual who is not very physically active, adults who are over the age of 45, women expecting a baby that weighs in excess of 9 pounds, a family history of diabetes, and in individuals who have an excessive amount of weight.


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