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How Are Syringes Of Today Different From Those In The Past?

As with a large number of other items in our society there have been many advancements in the medical technology that has been used in insulin syringes. Before changes began to occur in the technology of their making syringes for administering insulin for large in size and they were not nearly as easy to maneuver as the ones of today. In earlier times a steel needle had to be attacked to the bulky glass syringe bottle and the needles were longer and the gauge was quite a bit bigger than the tiny needles that come on syringes that are commonly used today. Insulin injections that are given to patients today cause very little pain of discomfort as opposed to the syringes used many years ago. They were quite known for the tremendous amount of pain they caused and individuals would even file down the ends of the needles to try to make the injections less painful. Before the 1950’s syringes were reused but the glass tubes that were attached to the needles had to be boiled and the needles had to be soaked in alcohol to try to remove as much bacteria and germs as possible. Luckily as advancements have been made the syringes that are used today are much smaller in size in both the barrels and the needles that are used. They can easily be found in a variety of disposal sizes that need to be used according to the strength and amount of insulin you will need.

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