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What Is The Medicine Lantus?

Lantus is a liquid form of the hormone called insulin that an endless amount of individuals rely upon for keeping the blood sugar levels in their body at a more steady and balanced level. It is known as Lantus Insulina for those who are outside of the United States. This specific type of insulin should be administered at the same time each and every day. For the diabetic individuals who are trying to achieve better levels with the glucose levels that are in their blood, Lantus can be extremely effective in getting them at a more stable balance. There are not many side effects that people have to worry about when they take this medication and the common side effect that has been seen is hypoglycemia. People who have taken Lantus have found it to work just as well as NPH and Premix. It is released into the body very steadily without having a peak and this can be very beneficial for those who may have Type 2 diabetes. If you have been known to have allergic reactions to insulin you should not take this medication


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